So I am still getting the hang of this blogging thing and I missed a few great pictures. Also the update on Andy. He had surgery a couple of weeks ago to repair his ACL. He is healing slowly and impatiently. This is a lesson in patience for both of us. And last week at church Judah tripped and cut his eye open, or “broked it open” as he would say. Andy said he would go with me to the hospital. I looked at him hobbling around on his crutches and figured he would be no help at all in carrying a crying, bleeding child and a newborn. Fortunately a good friend accompanied us to the walk in clinic and Andy stayed behind with the older ones. Judah got four stitches. He cried a bit and talked the doctor’s ear off the rest of the time. Andy since we have gone far beyond meeting our medical insurance deductibles I am hoping to get in all the rest of our ER and hospital visits before the new year…so stay tuned!

Josie’s first time at the fair

The boys get a ride in Daddy’s wheelchair

Judah’s wound after falling and hitting the leg of a chair

Little buddies
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Life is as busy as ever. Both Charlie and Coleman are in school all day, which gives Judah, Josie and me time to hang out. This usually consists of running errands…grocery shopping…household chores…naps…the list goes on and on. The older boys are loving school and Judah is loving taking care of Josie. He was getting out of the car last night and said, “Josie really, really likes me!” And that she does. She smiles a lot now and makes the sweetest noises. Here are some of the latest…

Coleman’s first day of school

Charlie’s first day of school

Charlie’s first day and Coleman’s second

Judah’s a little sleepy, but Josie’s ready to go!
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August has been very eventful to say the least. The big news was traveling to South Dakota for Sarah and Edmund’s wedding (see previous pictures). Some other events that were less fun…a trip to Children’s Hospital in the middle of the night for croup with Judah (this was following a visit from the paramedics at home)…a bad diarrhea blow out at the park which was quickly followed up by a knee injury by Andy (this resulted in an evening at Tacoma General’s ER and come to find out a torn ACL)…Coleman and I getting the stomach flu on the same day…I make a valiant attempt to take up running, only to hurt both of my knees to the point of it being painful to walk (I haven’t given up totally yet)…Coleman getting bug bites which quickly turn into hives…and the night before school starts Charlie starts throwing up. This series of unfortunate events has made me want to cry and laugh all at the same time which is why it was no surprise to me at all when I took the car in today to have an emissions test and it failed. HMMM….
Enjoy a few pics of the kids

Coleman holds a turtle at the
reptile zoo

Judah and his new froggie boots

The end of Andy’s Ultimate Frisbee career

The love of Judah’s life

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