School supply shopping

I have a love/hate relationship with school supply shopping. First off, I like lists. I like to check things off of lists. There is something magical about sharpening brand new pencils and opening up a new binder. Maybe this takes me back to my elementary school days. This is the love part.

But as it goes with so many things in life (especially when parenting is concerned) I have way too high of expectations. Like childbirth, the pain is just a faint little memory and I look forward to doing it all again. So I was ready this year. With supply lists and multiple coupons in hand I set out with just my boys. This was probably a mistake since Judah is not starting kindergarten until next year and doesn’t actually need school supplies, yet wants them anyway. It was sort of torture for the poor guy. I started the hate part about 2.2 seconds after entering Fred Meyer. .The begging began, the searching began, the whining began (that was Judah’s contribution), the headache began. And just as soon as it had started, I wanted it over.

I remember the days when the school supply list looked very simple:

Colored pencils

Since when did hand sanitizer, kleenex, ziploc bags, and printer paper make the list. And instead of a bottle of glue we now need 15 jumbo glue sticks…..”back in my day…” Okay, I will stop now.

When the night was over I walked out spending about 140 bucks, but saving about 50 with all of my coupons and discounts. Oh that poor man who got stuck behind me with his 12 items patiently waiting while I tried explaining to the cashier that I think she over charged me for a pair of shoes (I later found out I was wrong). 
-For anyone concerned about poor little Judah, he did get a few things. He informed me that a notebook, a pen and some converse tennis shoes were the only things on his school supply list.

The happenings of August thus far…

August has been busy and we have had some computer issues which explains my lack of writing (at least it seems like a legit excuse). And the happenings are as follows:

A visit from Jeremy and Natalie, baby shower, birthday, crabbing at Natalie’s family’s cabin, lots of swimming, the beach, more birthday parties and some school shopping.

We had so much fun with Jeremy and Natalie. The kids have been having some withdrawals since they left…Josie especially. We have managed to pack in a lot of summer into just a few short weeks. And our poor little children are just beside themselves today when they heard the shocking news that we aren’t really doing anything today.

“What? Why not? I am so bored! We never get to do anything!”

“I know you guys. I feel really bad for you. I guess swimming everyday with your friends, going to the jr high over-nighter and the lake the next day, the beach, the library, ice cream almost everyday, out to dinner, crabbing, boating, renting movies, and sleeping in your fort in the family room is pretty mundane. I just wish I could give you more….”

Days until school: 14

     Snuggling boys

     Jeremy and Natalie are here!

    Josie and baby Gack (Jack)

    August birthday girls with new accessories!

     Ah, the sweet spot

     Josie at the park

     It’s my birthday and I just wanted a nice picture with my children smiling. Guess that was asking too much.

     Birthday dinner out. (Andy dressed up by sporting a nice moustache)


     Coleman checks out dinner

    Smores for dessert


Potty Training Bliss

I realize these are words that do not seem to go together. Believe me, I thought I would never associate those two…ever. More of the words that came to mind would be misery, stinky, unfortunate, least-favorite-parenting-job-ever. But then I had a little girl. Everything is different with a girl, including the arduous task of potty-training. Now I won’t get too graphic about all of my potty-training woes over the last ten years, but let’s just say that at times I would have rather have been doing just about anything, and I do mean anything, than cleaning up my little one’s poo. I love all of my children dearly and would and have done anything for them. And some of it was just down right dirty. As I think back over the years of potty-training some quotes (sad, but true) come to mind. “I think it’s a present for you!” –a certain someone says to me after pooping in their potty. “Mommy, sometimes that just happens.” –another someone after the 150th accident. “You can leave me alone. This is going to take awhile.” –someone sitting on the potty “Are you going to lose your patience Mommy? I don’t think you should.” –someone after an accident. “I can’t believe I pooped my pants again!” –this someone actually seemed surprised at this unfortunate event. I have had to clean up poo in public places I won’t even say because it’s downright embarrassing. (I realize this is a little gross, but these are the realities with children) And when I had a girl, is it surprising that one of the first things that popped into my head was something I had heard from many other moms who had absolutely no problems whatsoever with potty-training? Girls are so much easier. I hung onto those words. I mean really trusted and believed with all my heart that this would in fact be true. And I have to say…it’s true. Josie seemed like she might be ready. Could it be? She just turned two! Am I really prepared to walk down that long, dark and stinky road again? I can do this. I survived potty-training three boys…I can do anything. And so I set out on this journey for one final time. Day One – 2 accidents, excited to go on the potty
Day Two – 3 accidents, not as excited, in fact a little scared to go on the potty (the memories begin to come back with a vengeance, I don’t think I can do this one last time.)
Day Three – No accidents. My girl is potty-trained. What? Did I really just write three days and that is it? Not even possible. I still feel like it could be too good to be true, but I am taking it. I am loving it. I am confident. Gave away the diapers. Gave away the wipes. No turning back. Yes…bliss. My baby is big. And that is sad. But changing poopy diapers and cleaning up poopy messes? GOODBYE!!!!!!! VBS 2010 033

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