Turning 35…

…or half-way to 70, as Andy says. Yes, it’s true, another year older. I remember back to the day when I looked at my aunts and uncles who were in their 30’s and thought about how they were still pretty cool for being so old. And now here I am. Do I feel 35? Of course not, other than the ache in my back that won’t go away. Am I a little disheartened by my varicose veins, stretch marks, and all the other lovely things that come with age and four children? Just slightly. But I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to be one of those people who dreads every year of getting older and spends thousands of dollars on anti-aging potions. I want to embrace it. I want to appreciate what I have learned over the years and continue to learn. I want to love this chaotic phase in my life and not sit around wishing for the next stage of life. I want to appreciate all the marks and scars on my body that have come as a result of my four little angels. So there you have it. I am proud to be 35…half-way to 70. I can’t wait for what is in store in the next 35 years and yes, I embrace it.

Although, I do not embrace my gray hair. Thank goodness for color. Some things I’m just not quite ready for…

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As you can see from my previous post, I still can not get the hang of this layout of the blog. I’m sure this is some ridiculous problem on my part, but it is irritating none-the-less. I tried to put captions under the pictures and they got all messed up. Well, it is now a game for you. You have to match the caption with the photo. One day I will master this and oh what a fine day that will be!

A Trip to Tennessee!

So we had our big trip to Tennessee. Just Jo, myself and all four of the kids. We split it up between the Hirschman/Knight/McKee and Sanchez sides of the family and had an amazing trip. It was so nice for the kids to meet lots of extended family. They had lots of fun meeting their second cousins and playing with them. Basically it was a week of nonstop fun and they were exhausted when we got home, as was I. It was great seeing all of you and we miss you already!

On the plane on the way there. The kids did great!

Josie hangs out with Uncle Edmund and even gets a smile out of him!

Hanging out in the truck with Aunt Sarah.
Analee, Geri, Josie, Sarah, and Ganelle
Well hello there!
Lots of love!
Josie and her Aunt Sarah.

Sitting on the back porch waiting for a storm…

Uncle Edmund and Aunt Sarah’s backyard

The little princess
Little technology wizards…they take after their dads.

This Nick…and Nick did not want his picture taken.

The Skellies reunite…their band shot.
The three J’s at Ugly Mugs coffee shop.
Jumping pool shot.

Best buddies always! Could they smile any bigger?

Brynn takes Josie for a swim.

The kids get “tattoos” with washable markers…take 1.

Second round of “tattoos”…a little more dark.

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