Big girls visit

A couple of weeks ago, my nieces came to visit us from Nashville. This was a big deal for several reasons, but mostly because they are 11 and 9 and they flew by themselves. Now before anyone goes and gets all judgey about whether or not this was a wise decision, please refrain. These girls are responsible, flew non-stop with a flight attendant providing their every need, dropped off at the gate by their mom and picked up at the gate by me. So there.

The kids had begun their countdown several weeks before, as usual. Their time with us had to be shared, also as usual. They managed to cram a week of activities into a mere few days. They are geniuses when it comes to this. Their activities included, but weren’t limited to:

Walk to 7-11
Staying up very late
Playing at skate park
Walking to movie at the Crest
Discovering new trails at the Secret Park
Trip to the mall
Celebrating Grandma’s birthday
Waking at 4:30am to get in play time before school

I was convinced after my brother decided to get all “I’m gonna follow my dreams” on us and move his family to what feels like 35 states away, that our kids would inevitably grow apart, especially when the teenage years hit. Well I stand corrected. These kids are tight. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

I found myself downright giddy at times, looking out my kitchen window at all of them climbing in  the trees, in PJs. They are besties. They have a bond that I am now convinced can’t be broken and I love it.

Pets and Plants

Sadly, Coleman had to say goodbye to another pet. His dwarf hamster, Spark, has gone to a better place. We’re not sure what happened, but one night he was squeaking away in his hamster wheel and the next morning he was laying still.

Coleman misses him and talks about him every once in a while. But his grief has not kept him from jumping right back on the internet to research his next pet. I guess this is healthy?

His research led us straight to Petsmart to purchase one beta fish, two large goldfish, and three small goldfish. The beta was for Coleman, all the other ones were for the three other kids who thought having fish in their rooms would be super cool.

Within three days we were down to just one beta fish. Which causes me to think we are destined to not be a pet family. It seems they all suffer the same fate as plants around here. Try as I may, I can’t keep a plant alive more than a few months.

So, for your own good, don’t plan on dropping by any stray cats or dogs at our house.

RIP Spark
Checking out the options…
Oh dear God, please not this one

Do the Puyallup

We did it again, the Puyallup. After two hours, yes TWO hours, of driving, we arrived, ready to eat, spend money, people watch, ride rides, eat more…repeat…repeat…

This year did not disappoint, except that Jason, Jackie, and Ayantu were missing. The kids experienced something new this year. They got to climb inside a giant, blown-up, plastic ball, floating on top of water in a large swimming pool. Then they got to run around inside like a hamster and try to stay on their feet. They had a great time, but really the most fun was had by the onlookers watching these poor souls flail around inside these hamster wheels. In usual Sanchez family fair tradition, Jillian decided she couldn’t miss out on the fun. She crawled in and decided to give it a go.

My greatest joy was watching the old man, laughing, watching Jillian struggle inside that thing. We’re talking doubled-over, side-splitting laughter from this guy. “Is she with you?” he asked.

“I’m afraid she is,” I said, wondering what he might say next.

“Girl, that’s the best thing I’ve seen at the fair so far! Just watching her try to stay on her feet in there is worth the price of my fair ticket!”

There’s juggling acts, comedians, music, animals, rides, food…and this moment is what made the fair special for laughing guy.

Jillian, in all her glory
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