Four Decades!

Technically Andy did turn 40 before Josie’s birthday, but because we had such a huge bash we celebrated it a couple of weeks late. Because Andy graduated in 1989 I figured it would be appropriate to have an 80’s party. And that we did. We had tons of people there, lots of food, amazing desserts, a million kids and an excess of hot pink, cassette tapes, walkmans, Rubik’s cubes and all things 80’s. It was a rad time and Andy felt blessed that so many of his friends were there to celebrate with him. He keeps referring to people “our” age and I have to gently remind him that I have no idea what it’s like to be in my 40’s. I still have three long years in my 30’s…lucky me! P1050614     P1050606
Jon and Andy P1050629
Jason and Scott…two oldies, but goodies! P1050616

Our baby turns three!

Yep, doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true. She just turned three, but she has the personality of a twelve-year-old. She is adorable and sweet and she knows exactly what she wants. She is determined to do things by herself now which includes wearing a minimum of three outfits per day. She celebrated her birthday on a few different occasions which caused her to say every time, “It’s my birthday? Again?” Iphone July 2011 022
Three-year-old check up!   She is quite hysterical and here are some current quotes to prove it: “I’m dying right now.” Andy: “Are you going to be a dancer when you grow up?”
Josie: “Yes, on a stage.” “If I don’t understand you, then it’s not a problem.” “You’re not in charge of my because I’m in charge of myself.” Jen: “Josie, what did you do with your ring?”
Josie: “I probably didn’t lose it.” “It’s no deal! It’s not a problem!” Jen: “Josie, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Josie: “Like you.” “I wanna be a grown-up.” “It’s only 3-80 o’clock and I’m not tired!” “I’m freaking out…I’m freaking out again!”     Iphone July 2011 695 Iphone July 2011 677     Iphone July 2011 402              Iphone July 2011 485 Iphone July 2011 717    Iphone July 2011 656

More visitors…

I’m not sure there has been a dull moment yet this summer, although I’m sure the kids would disagree since they had to spend one whole painful day of being grounded from technology. It was rough…maybe worse on me. But after about a week of recovering from DC we had a visit from my brother, Jeremy, Natalie and little Evangeline. This visit was pretty great, but not so great for Jeremy who spent his entire week sick with some nasty virus. He did a good job of making the best of it and we still all had a great time. The great part about them being here was that we were able to celebrate both Josie’s and Andy’s birthdays with them. I’ll have to write about those occasions at another time since both are worthy of their own posts. I loved spending time with Jeremy and Natalie, but I gotta say, the best part was holding and kissing Evangeline. This little girl is so beautiful and so sweet and made Josie slightly jealous. P1050632    P1050635        P1050640   Iphone July 2011 688
Evangeline loved Charlie…             Quite the personality!
and the feeling was mutual      Iphone July 2011 741     P1050502  
Jeremy and his baby girl     

Washington DC

Bright and early the morning after the kids got out of school and Charlie had a piano recital, we headed to the airport for a trip to DC with all of the Hirschman’s. I learned quite a bit about our country, our history, walking many blocks daily, riding the subway, and sweating profusely. We had some tours, but really we had our own personal tour guide by the name of Charles Hirschman. And so we all followed our fearless leader who, by the way, has more energy than anyone I know, and did about one months worth of sight-seeing in one week. It was amazing, beautiful, fascinating, exhausting and extremely educational all in one. If I were asked my favorite part, I’m not sure I could narrow it down to just one thing. But one of my faves has to be walking through the Museum of Native American History while Coleman held my hand the entire way explaining absolutely everything he had learned about the Native Americans in school this past year. 1. He never wants to hold my hand. 2. I had know idea how much information that little brain of his had stored. Yes, it was a grand time and it took me about a week to recover. Much thanks to my amazing in-laws for making this trip so special…and for holding the kids on their shoulders when I didn’t want to. This is only a small little glimpse… Iphone July 2011 338    Iphone July 2011 333
Mapping out day one                                   Josie and Aunt Sarah ready to go Iphone July 2011 376    Iphone July 2011 379
                                                                  This was Judah’s favorite place to be Iphone July 2011 377          Iphone July 2011 359
The closest we could get to the White House      Coleman’s hot and tired Iphone July 2011 372        Iphone July 2011 378
One of the highlights for Charlie       Sarah, Andy, Charles and Josie
The Metro Iphone July 2011 429     Iphone July 2011 449
IMAX with Uncle Edmund and Aunt Sarah Iphone July 2011 541                    Iphone July 2011 457
The reflecting pool was under construction      Josie and her Auntie
SAD! Iphone July 2011 579    Iphone July 2011 329
                                                                    Granny and Josie are sleepy… Iphone July 2011 582       
Ford’s Theatre – where Lincoln was shot  Iphone July 2011 587  
Thoughts on life     Iphone July 2011 586
Four little loves of my life

Jr high age? Is that possible?

I can’t really be old enough to say that I have a jr higher. I actually remember my parents speaking these very words. But Charlie went and turned 11, going into 6th grade, actually sits in jr high youth group at church. He was very happy to celebrate with his cousin Lucy who turned 10 shortly after. He was not as happy about the coconut cake that neither him nor Lucy wanted, but his Aunt Brynn and I sure did. Is that wrong? He did also get Krispy Kreme and cupcakes on his actual birthday so don’t go feeling too sorry for him. We had a great celebration with much family and Charlie got his very own camera which he put to some serious use on our trip to DC. Iphone July 2011 163
Krispy Kreme has become a birthday tradition   Iphone July 2011 167
Surprise cupcakes after school Iphone July 2011 203 Iphone July 2011 206
Birthday dinner at Red Robin

Joey, Brynn and three adorable girls…

My brother and his family came to visit from Tennessee. If you have read any past posts, you’ve heard about and seen these five before. I adore them. There was a time when my brother and I would have liked to rip each other’s throats out, but he makes me laugh to the point of tears and I am very proud of him. I have known Brynn since she was 14 years old and long before she loved my brother. She is kind, beautiful, generous and hilarious. Lucy is destined to be a star and loves her family more than anything in this world, just like her dad. Mae is sweet and extremely thoughtful. And Opal has more personality than any other 20 month old I know and I wish I could eat her cheeks. So now you know them all just a little better. They are all wonderful and we had another doozy of a visit. 100% fun, except when little Mae broke her arm on day 1 of their visit. She didn’t let it slow her down in the slightest. Iphone July 2011 077     Iphone July 2011 038
Ayantu, Opal, Josie                                      Josie gets a makeover with Aunt Brynn
Iphone July 2011 109     Iphone July 2011 156
Josie and Lucy                                              Opal and Judah Iphone July 2011 202     Iphone July 2011 262
Cupcakes for Charlie’s birthday                     Pa & Grandma with 9 of 10 grandkids Iphone July 2011 280   Iphone July 2011 313
Oh, these two…                                          Coconut cake and coffee Iphone July 2011 200    Iphone July 2011 281
Jack, Opal and Josie                                     This photo is titled, ‘the sneakies’ Iphone July 2011 219
Opal and her Uncle Andy

Where to begin?

Many happenings around here since I last wrote. Charlie turned eleven. Joey and Brynn and family came to visit. We took a trip to Washington DC with all the Hirschman’s. Jeremy and Natalie and Evangeline came to visit. Andy turned 40! Josie turned three. All of this in 6 weeks time. I was talking to my dad on the phone the other day and I think I was sighing or yawning or something of that nature, which I must do pretty often, and he asked me if I am just constantly in a tired state. Why yes, Dad, I am indeed. And so I will do my best to capture each of these big events with a few pics and not too many boring stories…

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