Life in the Rainforest

No, we did not go off to tropically-jungly-rainforest. But almost just as exciting…decorating for our vacation bible school with a rainforest theme! Yep, I did it. I took on the summer project of decorating a total of 12 rooms, a sanctuary, and a foyer. Am I slightly crazy? Absolutely. But if you happened to read a previous post regarding a house fly project, you will know that I sometimes have some crazy ideas going on in my head they are just dying to come out. Well, this was just the opportunity. As usual, did I really understand the depth of what I was getting myself into? Not so much. Did I think it would involve almost everyday of the month of July? Not really. Did my kids ever complain about going to the church to decorate? NEVER! They were amazing. They were such troopers, and so were all the staff who let my rascals run around, rearranging things and asking for hot chocolate and candy. Yes, I had a vision for this rainforest and I knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want it to look like someone tried real hard and sort of made it look kind of jungly. No, it had to be totally legit. And I may have gotten a little crazy when on day one of the actual VBS I was all in a panic because I didn’t see my fog machines turning on. “Where’s my fog? Why don’t I see my fog? It has to be going when the kids come in!” That’s right, I did say MY fog. So I get a little carried away. But it was worth it. The kids loved it. The parents loved it. My kids were sad when it was all over. Mission accomplished. But when it was all over and we were putting away the last of the decorations in the sanctuary, Allison (the children’s ministry director) says to me, “so I think we can reuse these butterflies and dragonflies for next year, don’t you Jen?” I replied with, “Yes, sure.” Allison says, “So, by you saying yes, I assume that means you’ll be doing it again next year?” She says this with her sweet little smile. “Too soon, Allison. Just a little too soon.” VBS 2010 021 VBS 2010 022 VBS 2010 023 VBS 2010 025 VBS 2010 026 VBS 2010 027 I apologize for the lack of fog. VBS 2010 028 VBS 2010 031

Josie is now two!

Yesterday was a big day. It was a big day for many reasons. Josie turned two, I made a cake covered in fondant, Josie got her first gun (I bet you can’t guess who gave her that gift), and Josie named her first baby. Her baby’s name is Pot. Yes, that’s right. We had to ask her twice, but found out that her name is indeed Pot. Her day was celebrated with Krispy Kreme donuts, a trip to Target, a nice long nap, a visit from her friend Evey, lots of dresses, cake and some dancing.
Josie makes anyone and everyone smile. She is absolutely the best. Judah wrote Josie a letter the day before her birthday that went like this:
“I love you so much, Josie. I’ll care for you. I’ll look out for you and I just love you super duper much. And I’ll love playing with you on your birthday tomorrow.”
And he sure did.
Josie's 2nd birthday 025
Is this a little bit wrong? Well, it’s pretty cute anyway.
Josie's 2nd birthday 026
Her favorite presents
Josie's 2nd birthday 028
Taking a nap with Pot.
Josie's 2nd birthday 034
So I’m just a little bit proud
Josie's 2nd birthday 036
Evey brought bubbles and a birthday balloon
Josie's 2nd birthday 071
Very happy with her new dress from Uncle Jason, Aunt Jillian and Jack
Josie's 2nd birthday 082
Happy birthday Josie!


Call us crazy, but the day after we got home from Tennessee we went camping in Idaho. Just enough time to do laundry, go to the store and pack up the van. We did have it quite easy since we had an entire camp site set up and waiting for us when we arrived. We were spoiled.
The worst part of this trip was that we were missing our baby girl. She was on her own adventure with her papa and granny, having the time of her life. So it was just the boys this time around. We had a great time.
Tennessee - camping 2010 225
Judah walked out of the tent the first morning just like this. All ready to go. Awesome.
Tennessee - camping 2010 221
Tennessee - camping 2010 232
Judah got a new bike. We couldn’t keep him off it. He about had a fit when I told him he couldn’t ride it at 10:30 at night.
Tennessee - camping 2010 239
Tennessee - camping 2010 240
Tennessee - camping 2010 244
Yep, just roughin’ it in the RV
Tennessee - camping 2010 259
Tennessee - camping 2010 274
Tennessee - camping 2010 248
Tennessee - camping 2010 347
Tennessee - camping 2010 358

Starting out summer with a bang!

We took the kids out of school two days early and headed off to Tennessee. Pure fun for one week and absolute extreme heat and I loved every minute of it. Here are some highlights…
Tennessee - camping 2010 005
Tennessee - camping 2010 007
Judah and Josie play ball with their great-great aunt AnnaLee
Tennessee - camping 2010 004
Judah loved helping Aunt Sarah feed and take care of the dogs
Tennessee - camping 2010 026
With Papa after a swim
Tennessee - camping 2010 032
Breakfast with Josephine and Josephine!
Tennessee - camping 2010 091
Tennessee - camping 2010 114
Tennessee - camping 2010 132 - Copy
This has become a tradition, don’t ask.
Tennessee - camping 2010 142
Tennessee - camping 2010 157
Tennessee - camping 2010 160
Joey and Opal
Tennessee - camping 2010 171
The kids at 5 guys burgers
Tennessee - camping 2010 212
The snorkel master
Tennessee - camping 2010 217
Brynn and Opal

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