How did I get here?

This week we officially registered our firstborn for middle school. I can’t be old enough to be here already. Visit the school, check. Sit through orientation meeting, check. Sign up for classes, check. Stare blankly off into the distance remembering when I registered Charlie for kindergarten and feel like sobbing, check. Charlie is more than ready. He’s admitted to being slightly nervous, but for the most part, excited and ready to go to the land of the awkward (my words, not his). We sat through the orientation and I listened to the principal explain that the foreign language classes can count as high school credit, which in high school can count as college credit. Wait, I’m at a middle school. Who said anything about college? While I was hanging on to every word that was spoken, furiously taking notes and worrying about college credit I glanced over to see Charlie sitting with his buddies making paper airplanes. That’s more like it. IMG_0211   IMG_1626

I know, I’m not in charge.

This is what comes out of Josie’s mouth immediately after she tells one of “her boys” what to do. It’s like she can’t help herself in the moment, but quickly remembers that she, in fact, is not in charge. And before I can correct her she does it for me. It’s actually become quite convenient. IMG_1595    IMG_1622
Preparing for the Princess Ball with Daddy IMG_1623

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