My Dad

A man who has taught me many things. These include, but aren’t limited to: riding a bike, appreciating art, loving music, introducing me to Diet Coke (unfortunately), working hard, responsibility, loving Jesus, the sacrifices of being a parent, humor, making any experience fun, and creativity. I know there are more I’m forgetting. As a little girl I always looked up to him. I loved any chance I had to hang out with him, help him and learn from him. Truth be told, I was a total brat during my teen years and thought he knew nothing about life. But even then, I respected him. He is a man of strong convictions of which I haven’t always agreed, but he has always stuck to what he felt was right. I don’t get the chance to hang out with him as much as I once did, but it doesn’t change my love for him. So today as he celebrates his birthday I wanted to say thank you for all the sacrifices, the love, the wisdom and all the times you didn’t rescue me from my mistakes, but walked through them with me. I love you Dad! IMG_2188