41 years

Today is my first day of being 41 years old. The newness of being 40 has faded and now it’s just “on to living the rest of this decade”. In getting together with a few friends to celebrate, I was trying to find the perfect place to celebrate 41; good atmosphere, not too expensive, good food, etc… It’s tough to find somewhere that has it all. In searching and going through all my indecisive-ness, in between looking at other fancy/cool/hip birthday celebrations on Instagram, I realized that I’m just not a fancy person. I like the idea of getting dressed up and going out on the town, but I don’t really want to dress up. And I don’t really want to pay fancy prices.

I like to eat good food, relax, and actually be able to hear friends when they’re telling a story. Uh-oh, maybe turning 41 means I’m more concerned with comfort than cool. As Andy likes to say, “at some point being comfortable becomes more important than being fashionable.” I don’t know if I’m there just yet, but it could be a slippery slope.