Josie and Justin Bieber

Since we’ve been snowed in this week we’ve watched far too much TV. One of the movies we watched was Never Say Never. For those who haven’t heard of this movie, it is not a James Bond film. It’s a movie about Justin Bieber. If you don’t know who this is, you’ll have to google it. The following are all of the comments Josie made while watching… “Is that Justin Beaver?” “Wow! Justin Beaver knows how to drive?!” “I can’t believe that’s Justin Beaver.” “I don’t want this to be about other boys, only Justin Beaver.” “That’s sad, he doesn’t have any friends.” “Is he actually singing?” “Is he singing Party in the USA?” “Are those all Justin Beavers?” (pointing to all his dancers) “I think I’m ready for this to be over.” “Please can we go to bed now?” “Why are all those girls crying?” “He’s good at singing.”

Christmas Magic

Like most people, our month of December was full of parties, lots of lights, presents, and treats beyond treats. But it is always such a magical time…especially for the two youngest ones in our house. We had so many different church events and the kids heard the Christmas story over and over. And really, can we ever hear it too much? Little baby Jesus, born in a manger, entered the world as a babe to save us all. I love hearing this story and I really love hearing the kids talk about it. Judah had a few concerns regarding Christmas that had nothing to do with the nativity. He wondered out loud on several occasions if Santa Clause ever gets presents. I told him I wasn’t really sure. This wasn’t enough of an answer for him. He decided he would have to get his answers straight from the top. As we were driving in the car about a week before Christmas Judah told me his plans… “When I get to heaven there are a few things I’m going to do. First, I’m going to give God a big hug and kiss and tell him how much I love him. Then I’m going to thank him for all the things he made on this earth and thank him for always protecting us. And then I’m going to ask him if Santa ever gets any presents for himself on Christmas.” It sounded like a good plan to me, but Judah just couldn’t wait until he gets to heaven. He came to his own conclusion on Christmas eve. As he was setting out cookies and milk for Santa it hit him. “I’ve got it!” he said. “While Santa is out delivering all the presents on Christmas eve, his elves are working hard to get his presents ready so when he comes back to the North Pole, there they are. All ready for him to open!” Mystery solved. And with that he was off to bed while visions of sugar plums danced in his head. IMG_1251   IMG_1208 IMG_1312   IMG_1332 image002
Had we sent out a Christmas card, this photo may or may not have been featured…

The Cowboy’s back

You heard correctly. I believe it was only a short 3 months ago that I was brought to tears over Judah choosing to retire his cowboy boots and hat. But fear not, his love for his boots and cowboys shirts and slowly made its way back into the rotation, worn with skinny jeans, of course. Judah turned six on December 6th and cowboy shirts made his list of birthday requests. We had a cowboy themed birthday and everyone dressed accordingly. Judah continues to amaze me. He is such a tender hearted little boy and he loves life, everything about it. And I don’t think I need to tell you how my heart was bursting with excitement when he started wearing his cowboy boots to school again.   IMG_1058   IMG_1066

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