I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

I remember a day when I laughed at my friend who had four children and would forget things. By things, I mean events. She would write them on her calendar even check her calendar the night before and still forget it the next day. I just couldn’t understand how this could happen. I also only had two kids at the time.

I have always prided myself in being organized and ‘not forgetful’. Last week Charlie had a meeting at school in the morning before school. Guess who forgot it? I emailed his teacher asking forgiveness and if there was another way he could make it up. She was very gracious and said it wasn’t a problem. She gave me another date for the meeting and suggested that ‘Charlie’ put it on the calendar this time. Ouch.

Charlie also had a presentation he was giving in school on Benjamin Franklin. All the kids had to choose a person, research them, dress like the character and give a speech in front of the class. Andy and I drove separately and were going to meet there. I had Judah and Josie with me and got there a little early. I saw all the parents waiting outside the classroom and recognized some of them. They let everyone in and passed out little programs as we found our seats. I couldn’t wait to see Charlie and was slightly irritated that Andy was late. As we settled into the front row and I began looking over the program I noticed that Charlie’s name was missing. How dare they leave him out of the program? “Where is Charlie?” I heard Judah say. “Oh honey, he’s probably still getting into his costume. Where is Daddy is the question?” I keep waiting for him to walk in the door and I start looking at all the kids in their cute costumes. Why don’t I see any of Charlie’s classmates? Who is this woman coming up to introduce the kids and where is Charlie’s teacher? Yes, it really tool me this long to figure out that I am in the wrong class. Now I have the humiliation of having to get up in front of everyone and walk out with Judah asking me why we are leaving when we didn’t even get to see Charlie. So now I have to walk in late to Charlie’s class where Andy is patiently waiting for me with coffee. The worst part is that I help in his class twice a month and the school year is pretty much over. I think I should have it figured out by now.

On Friday I was at Target with all four kids wandering around trying not to spend all my money on things we don’t really need but are just too cute to pass up. After an hour I find myself just staring at handsoap. What kind should I get? Same as last time? Try something new? What is the better deal? Is it really a better deal to buy a refill? Or do I want a cute new dispenser? As I’m pondering all these questions and tuning out all the little voices saying, “can I please get this toy?”, I am startled by a young couple saying, “excuse me maam, excuse me can we squeeze by you?” And it is then that I realize I am just standing there taking up the whole aisle and Judah is laying in the middle of the floor crying that he is tired and I can’t even make a decision about soap. What has happened to me?

I think I owe my friend an apology.

Another birthday!
Charlie celebrated his 9th birthday, which is so hard to believe. We had lots of family over and had an ‘amazing race’ which seems to be a trend this year. We just can’t get enough! The kids are still in school, believe it or not. We are all anxious for school to finish and summer to get started. We have been keeping very busy with birthday parties, end-of-school events, music programs, art shows…and on and on…next big event…family reunion in Utah!
I apologize for the annoyingness of the format of these pictures. I don’t know why I can’t get them where I want them to go. There must be something wrong with this program…

I went to get Josie up from her nap and found her like this.

The new face of Judah when he poses for pictures.

The boys spent a night out camping in the backyard. They were really roughing it with the laptop.

Josie’s new pose (similar to Judah’s)
The birthday cake!

Somebody liked the black frosting.

Coleman’s artwork hanging in Third Place Books for the art reception for his art school. He named this piece “Mr. Saw”

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