Enough already

It’s that awesome time of year when school is really close to being done, except it’s not. Eight days feels like eighty. Homework feels like a joke. Bedtimes are whenever we get around to it which means morning wake up is hell. I’m done. 

Next week is the final week, which my kids are calling “fun” week. But for parents it’s “send in a baby photo of your kid, bring some food for the class picnic, send in money for a 6th grade graduation gift, we need helpers for field day, who wants to organize the 6th grade party” week. No. 
Charlie told me that his math teacher is planning on making them work up until the last day. “He said we have a test on the last day. It’s an overview of the whole year!” Charlie said, worried.
“A big test on the last day? And when did the teachers turn in their grades?” I asked.
“I think they did them yesterday.”
“So, they turned in their end-of-the-year grades already, but there’s a big test on the last day of school, huh?” I waited for him to get it.
“Ooooh…wait a minute! The grades are already done. He’s not going to give us a test on the last day!”
There it is. He’s ready to move on to high school.