Here’s a few pictures I couldn’t resist. There are two highlights of the last couple of weeks. #1 – The boys were staying with Grandma and somehow the topic of baptism came up. Sometime in the conversation Coleman went missing. Grandma found him in the kitchen with soaking wet hair, next to a bowl filled with water. When asked what he had been doing Coleman replied with, “Oh, I just got baptized.”
#2 – Coleman might have to get glasses. Upon hearing this news he told me he didn’t want to get glasses because they will make him look weird and no one else in his class has glasses. I saw this as an opportunity to launch into a little lesson about how it doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside, but it’s what is on the inside that counts. He listened quietly as I carried on and ended my speech with, “…so you see, Coleman, it really doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside.” His quiet and short response was, “Yes it does.” I’m glad I really broke through to him. Oh, the honesty of children.

Josie all dolled up for a wedding.

Charlie gives Judah (aka Buzz Light Year) and his buddy Si Si (aka snake handler) a ride

…and so the count down begins…

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Andy and I celebrated our ten year anniversary on September 26. I think years ago we had hoped for a long trip to some far away place to bask in our romance (with no children). However, we obviously didn’t plan ahead or have crystal ball to gaze into and show us where we would be at this point in time. So…with a newborn, Andy post-surgery, many trips to the hospital and all the other craziness of life, we opted for something a little more low-key. Hanging out at the mall pushing Andy around in a wheelchair and a nice dinner out (with no children). Maybe we’ll get around to that big trip next anniversary. We did have a great time reminiscing and being so thankful and overwhelmed at how blessed we are and how much we really do love each other. AHH!

Why the sensitive picture? My hand was shaking and the picture was blurry…thanks to technology we can make it look like we meant to do that. Ten years of wedded bliss!!

Giant boy and little elf

Right after this she smiled huge and I didn’t capture it.

A long day of playing video games…
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