A quick visit to Tennessee I had the privilege of getting to visit my newest niece in Nashville. This was a treat for many different reasons. One, the obvious, I got to hold my sweet little niece. Two, I got to spend time with my other two nieces who I usually hardly see since my sons are spending every chance possible with them. Four, I spent many hours just sitting around in my PJs sipping coffee and chatting with my sister-in-law. Four, I spent a total of about 7 hours each way on a plane all by myself…That’s right, no baby on my lap…no getting up to cram myself and a child in the tiniest bathroom ever…no apple juice spilled on me…just me and a book and maybe a screaming child a few rows back, but it is amazing how easy it is to completely tune it out when it isn’t your own offspring aggravating everyone on the plane. I had such a great time with my nieces who are so sweet. We had lots of girl time, I experienced the Hanna Montana movie for the first time, had a dance party, ate yummy food and added some new decorations in their room. Favorite quote from Mae, “I really like all of the outfits you have been wearing since you have been here Aunt Jen, especially on the first day with your scarf and earrings.” Hey, this is quite a compliment coming from a very fashionable 6 year old. I had a great time and miss them like crazy! Of course, Andy had his hands full with the four at home. And I did miss them all terribly…   nashville 023 Enjoying our peppermint jo-jos topped with whipped cream nashville 033 A sleeping beauty nashville 040 She was just so happy I was there, she smiled! nashville 054 Lucy and me, minus a newly lost tooth nashville 050 Mae and me nashville 056 Rosie had her way with a pack of gum while we went out to eat nashville 083