Mama, why are you so old? Oh yes, this is the question I get asked by my darling little Judah. I tried to explain that I’m not old but to him is just seems like it because he is so young. His response? Yes, you are old. Gotta love him. Now that I finally caught up with our whole Thailand trip, blogging can return to normal… I love this time of year. It is so beautiful and the craziness and fun of all the holidays begins. Here are some recent pictures of the Puyallup fair and Halloween. Josie is now walking all over the place and I find myself being slightly sad that my little baby is growing up… fall 09 misc 002 Look how thrilled the boys are about their first day of school! fall 09 misc 020 Judah gets a hold of the camera for a self portrait fall 09 misc 027 The fair again… fall 09 misc 028 fall 09 misc 030 Josie is figuring where we are going next fall 09 misc 048 Josie enjoys her first cotton candy fall 09 misc 053 fall 09 misc 066 fall 09 misc 098 Josie and one of her babies fall 09 misc 111 Andy and I celebrated our 11th anniversary fall 09 misc 128 Darth Vader in froggie boots fall 09 misc 129 Tinker bell, Hans Solo, and Pierre, the French artist fall 09 misc 138 Speedy Gonzales, Tinker Bell, Darth Vader and Pierre fall 09 misc 143 Olive Oil fall 09 misc 144 Hans Solo fall 09 misc 159 Judah, Josie and Grandma