One more week

One more week until school starts and we are barely hanging on by a thread over here. Case in point, I am currently shut upstairs in my bedroom writing, pretending like I don’t hear the chaos happening below me.

I started out strong, really, I did. The month of July was spent with Charlie and Coleman in Mexico and me adhering to the strict schedule that Judah and Josie had made; one fun activity per day. All the while, Andy was busy working two jobs. Most of August was filled with weddings, hot weather, and lots of sleepovers with the kids’ friends. But then the third week of August hit and I was over it.

The kids have been left to fend for meals themselves. Since they’ve been sleeping in so late, the line between breakfast and lunch has gotten pretty blurry. When you eat breakfast around 11-11:30, there’s no need for lunch; until 3:00 hits and then everyone is dying of hunger. Snacking begins, leaving no room for dinner. So everyone is back to being hungry right around 9:00, leaving no choice but to eat popcorn. It’s a vicious cycle.

We are officially in September now and it’s brought the clouds and rain with it.  School supply shopping is done; only $150 later. And so it’s time. Time to trade in sleepovers for homework, sleeping in for early bedtimes, and flip-flops for boots. It’s been real, summer, see ya next year.