Fun going to the dentist?

In the case of this dentist, yes. Pacific Pediatric Dentistry in Edmonds, Benjamin Sun, DDS. Amazing. Yes I am singing the praises of this office because I love everything about it and for the small few who might be reading this and have small children…take them there! My friend, Arielle, is the receptionist so that is the first plus. The entire staff is friendly. The office is beautiful and there is tons to do while you wait, although I never have to wait. My kids are actually asking me when they GET to go back. Seriously! iphone Feb 2011 438
Even Zorro has to go to the dentist   iphone Feb 2011 439
Josie’s first visit…she was a champ! iphone Feb 2011 440
Zorro gets his teeth cleaned

Ayantu’s arrival!

We have all been waiting in great anticipation for the arrival of my new niece, Ayantu Faith, from Ethiopia. My brother and his wife have waited for nearly 8 months to welcome their new daughter into their home. I can’t imagine the agony of seeing pictures of her and even meeting her and holding her once, but then not being able to hold her daily and rock her to sleep at night. It was amazing watching them wait and trust in God’s perfect timing. And now she is finally here! I was talking to Jackie (through texting) telling her how happy I am for them. She was saying what an incredible gift being a mother is and she said, “It’s like I forgot all the paperwork, waiting and stress!” I told her how much that sounds like labor and how quickly you forget. They both prayed, waited, prayed some more, cried, felt anxious, bursting with anticipation. All the feelings that happen throughout pregnancy and labor. But she did it. And she did it with much more grace than I ever did! Congratulations Jason, Jackie and Ayantu! Utah and Ayanut's arrival 033
Our first sight of Ayantu!   Utah and Ayanut's arrival 045
She didn’t seem a bit bothered by the fact that 17 of us were just staring at her! Ayantu home 010
Ayantu and Jack get a bath! Ayantu home 027
Josie had to join in iphone Feb 2011 421

A little getaway

I had the treat of getting away for a few days, to Utah, to spend some time with my new niece, Evangeline. Of course this included hanging out with my brother and his wife and the added bonus of seeing my sister-in-law from Nashville and her daughter who flew there as well. The whole purpose of this trip was to hold little Evangeline and help Natalie with anything she might need help with. Well the holding part definitely happened, but Natalie is an amazing mom and clearly didn’t need much help at all. If you can call sitting around in PJs drinking coffee all day, holding my beautiful niece, playing with my adorable 18 month old niece, chatting with my sisters-in-law and brother and eating out several times helpful…then I was EXTREMELY helpful! Utah and Ayanut's arrival 007
Opal goes for a ride Utah and Ayanut's arrival 015
Evangeline is ready for a bath Utah and Ayanut's arrival 023
Opal and Evangeline…sweetest ever! iphone Feb 2011 383
I love this sweet picture! iphone Feb 2011 388 iphone Feb 2011 407
Evangeline loves shopping already

Princess Ball

Every year right around Valentine’s day our church puts on a Princess Ball. I mean all things princess. The youth room becomes transformed into a pink wonderland. Girls get to dress up with their daddy’s and dance the night away while feasting on pink treats. They receive a corsage, get their picture with daddy and get to meet some Disney princesses (who bear a striking resemblance so some of our bible college students). This is a night the little girls begin dreaming of the night after the previous princess ball has ended. This was Josie’s first year. We went shopping for a dress that she could “spin” in. She picked out the pinkest, biggest skirt, princess-y thing possible. And she could not have been any cuter! The first of many princess balls to come! iphone Feb 2011 402
Trying on the dress…this is the one!
princess ball 2011 011 princess ball 2011 015        princess ball 2011 020
Josie had to add her own flare with the striped tights. She refused to wear the nice little white ones I had picked out. princess ball 2011 030
Giving me a sample of her spins

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