A nine year old and a lizard

You heard correctly. Coleman is now nine years old and the proud owner of a pet lizard. He has been talking about wanting a pet lizard for awhile now, but it became a reality thanks to his awesome aunts and uncles. Lenny is his name. And he is fast, as my dad found out when he tried to transfer him from the little container he came in to his tank or “habitat” as Coleman reminds me. Lenny made a break for it during the transfer and I do have video of four adults surrounded by children down on all fours attempting to coax this little reptile out from the piano. Eventually he was caught and is now adjusting well to his new “habitat”. The great news is that he eats live crickets. And since live crickets like to jump and scurry pretty quick themselves, guess who has to feed the lizard the live crickets so as to avoid crickets being scattered all over the house at 10 cents a pop? I’m so lucky! I suppose it’s my own fault for agreeing to invite this creature into our house.   So between the lizard fiasco, and then a little break from the party to attend Charlie’s band concert, we had a great time celebrating Coleman. Coleman is currently enjoying Tom & Jerry episodes, family, watching his lizard, reading, orange tic tacs, drawing mazes, gardening, church and making us all laugh with his quick wit. Coleman's 9th bday & Charlie's band concert (4)
His own stash of tic tacs! Coleman's 9th bday & Charlie's band concert (6)
A big surprise! Coleman's 9th bday & Charlie's band concert (12)
Eyes are closed, but who can tell anyway with all the hair!

Sorry Mom

My mother’s day began slightly earlier than I would have preferred, however, I was greeted in bed by my two oldest and the cutest girl in the entire world bringing me waffles. The oldest making sure I understood that HE was the only one who actually did the work of removing the waffles from the package and placing in the toaster, while his brothers just slept the morning away. A very sleepy Judah quickly followed. Coleman gave me not one, but two cards! That’s right two! Charlie must have gotten distracted by all of his furious waffle making because he informed me he didn’t have time to finish his card for me. Somehow he managed to squeeze in enough time to catch episodes 42 and 43 of Phineas and Ferb. Judah insisted he did make me a card but he just lost it. Charlie tried to help Josie make a card but she didn’t want to. After my second bite of waffle, the kids decided they were hungry too and finished them off. After church we went to have lunch with my dear mother who I’m sure never had any such experiences on mother’s day with any of her five precious children. As we sat to eat lunch, her husband Lorne came up with a brilliant idea of asking the kids to share one thing that they were thankful for about their mom. Now this is a nice idea I thought to myself. Enter huge expectation of what wonderful things my sweet children might think up…. Charlie – Ummmm…she gave birth to me? Judah – She buys me toys, well, sometimes. Coleman – She bought me this shirt. And now enter my scolding of ‘why after all I do for them, this is what they come up with’. They all just looked at me with these looks on their faces that, to me, said “What do you expect mom? We’re only kids. We’re only almost 11, almost 9 and 5”. And it’s true. I guess I was thinking of something more along the lines of “I am so thankful for all the times when you show me how much you love me by doing my laundry and cooking me amazing dinners night after night. I am thankful that I have a mom who loves me so much and tries to make things special”. Yep, way too high of expectations. We had a nice time at my mom’s, which included an impromptu visit to a nail salon for pedicures for all the moms…greatest idea ever, Jill. And then we finished off the day with a lovely dinner out with Andy’s parents to celebrate his mom and her birthday of which number I will not say. I looked around the table at my oldest who was rattling off trivia about the restaurant, my second with his messy hair drawing a maze all over his menu, my third scraping two knives together like he was ready to skin some wild animal, and my littlest one scooping up butter in handfuls and eating it with the hopes that no one would catch her. I love these little crazies. And I know they love me. And I know they appreciate me in their own little ways. Just like I appreciated my mom when all I could come up with was some little packet of seeds (given to me by my teacher) to plant in a garden which she didn’t have. But one day, I saved up my money and bought her a sweater and skirt. I was so happy on that day when I could really show her how much I loved her with more than a homemade card. Maybe that day will come for me. It’s probably only about 15 years away. That’s not so bad. I did find Judah’s card crumpled up under the couch a couple of days later. Happy Mother’s Day to me! iphone May 2011 019
At a Mariner’s game iphone May 2011 031
Pedicures! iphone May 2011 032 iphone May 2011 033
Josephine times two iphone May 2011 035 iphone May 2011 040
Josie and her new favorite accessory

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