Dream come true

I should have posted this last month. I really don’t like going out of order. But that’s just me being obsessed with order. September 16th was a very big day for me. I went to a concert. Not just any old concert. I went to see Amy Grant. I have been to several Amy Grant concerts before, so while this was special, it is not unheard of. What is unheard of, however, is the fact that I, Jennifer Jo Hirschman, had the privilege of meeting face to face with Amy Grant. Real life. Not just in my dreams. For reals.I know I sound like a weirdo, but I really do not care.   I have been a fan (borderline obsessed) of Amy Grant’s since I was about 8 years old. And by obsessed I mean bought every tape (that’s right, cassette tape), album, CD she has made. I also spent many hours cutting out any picture I ever found of her and carefully taping it on my wall. And even more hours were spent holding my hairbrush in front of the mirror singing Father’s Eyes, El Shaddai, Love Will Find a Way….the list goes on and on. I’m embarrassed, but I wanted to sound like Amy, dress like Amy…pretty much BE Amy Grant. So on September 16th, 2011, my dear brother, Joey, made my dreams come true. First off, he got my sister and me free tickets to see Amy Grant at the Puyallup Fair. That, in and of itself, is exciting. But, because of his musical connections, he got us tickets for a “meet and greet” with Amy herself. I will spare you all the boring details of what was going on in my mind that day…that week. But, if you can’t already tell, I was in heaven. This seriously was a dream come true. I totally tried to play it cool, and I like to think I did alright. But inside I was like a giddy little girl meeting her idol. It was grand. She was just as nice as I always thought she would be. She did not, however, ask me to sing back up for her which was a slight disappointment. But it was great. Really great. She made everyone in the little tent, all 25 of us, feel as though she would love to sit down and have a long chat over dinner if she had the time. Maybe she’s just good at what she does, but she seemed very sincere and I was very happy. So thanks to my brother who made my dreams come true. He made fun of me so many times growing up, but when it came down to it, he knew how special it was to me and he gets it. Iphone September 113
Yep, that’s me standing next to Amy.
I like to refer to her by her first name now.

San Diego

I have had a few people comment on our blog, some of them asking why I haven’t written in awhile. And by some I mean my dad. I guess I don’t really have a great answer except that I have four children. Is that enough of an explanation? Also, I am trying to get over my issues with not wanting to write unless I feel I have something really worth writing. I know, I need to get over myself. Truth be told, I’m trying to actually write more, as in I am in a writers group and I entered an essay into a contest. There. I said it. So now I feel like I have to try to be a decent writer. And now I’m insecure. Anyway, it’s not all about me because for the 8-10 people who actually read this blog, most of whom are family, you probably just want to hear cute stories about the kids and see pictures. And I don’t blame you. So…we went to a wedding in San Diego for our friends Chris and Heather. Judah and Josie were the ring bearer and flower girl and I don’t think I need to express how cute they were. I have the pictures to prove it. This was our first trip with just our family of six. This was pretty big for us. Even bigger was our trip to Legoland. We saw just about anything you can imagine made out of Legos. And we tried with all our might to explain to our kids that we could get a Lego set that was identical to the ones sold at the souvenir shop for only $25 instead of $60. This was a very difficult concept for them. But we did manage to leave Legoland with just a few little Lego key chains rather than 5-7 jumbo Lego sets like most families. So the wedding was amazing, Legoland was all that the boys had dreamed it would be and Josie was perfectly happy with a little box of mini M&M’s. A successful trip in my book. Although, I don’t think I was able to get one decent shot of all four children smiling and looking somewhat normal. iphone October 2011 097    iphone October 2011 108
Number 1                                    Number 2 iphone October 2011 204
Number 3 iphone October 2011 112     iphone October 2011 127
Before the wedding                                       My absolute favorite…
                                                                    Heather was Judah’s first love iphone October 2011 147     iphone October 2011 155
                                                                  In-and-out…a must. iphone October 2011 162   iphone October 2011 203
The beach iphone October 2011 262
Tried to get the whole Legoland sign in,
but opted to crop out the random people
posing for their family photo.

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