Christmas aftermath

Christmas hit us pretty hard this year. We had huge amounts of food, fun, treats. We did not get huge amounts of sleep, which in hindsight was not wise. Our Christmas timeline is as follows:
Dec. 13th – Calvary Fellowship staff Christmas party (held at our house with around 45 people in attendance. This is the start of losing complete control over just how much sugar my children are consuming)

Dec. 15th – Three Wisemen concert (ends with Charlie throwing up in the church parking lot)
Dec. 17th – Jr High dessert theater (Charlie is back in action and consumes copious amounts of sugar along with the other 3 children)
Dec. 19th – Christmas choir performance at church (candy bags are handed out to all the children and since ours were attending both services…they each got two, of course)
Dec. 20th – Christmas Round One (a wonderful feast at my mom and Lorne’s house. Of course many more sweets were involved. Andy starts getting a nasty cold)
Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve service (followed by late night Chinese food, which has become tradition. Arrived in Puyallup at 11:00pm. Kids actually asleep at 12:30am)
Dec. 25th – Christmas Round Two (arrives way too early, of course. Jen begins to have stomach cramps and nausea, but rallies half-way through the day. Tons of food and sugar is consumed)
Dec. 25th – Exiting Puyallup (we leave my dad and Jenny’s house with red nail polish spilled on a 50yr old white chair, compliments of Josie, and a clogged toilet)
Dec. 26th – Christmas Round Three (Coleman wakes up throwing up, but manages to haul his sick little body into the car to open up more gifts at Papa and Granny’s. Jen starts getting a cold)
Dec. 27th – Boxing Day (Jen is awakened by Coleman explaining that Judah has thrown up all over his bed and on Charlie. The many loads of laundry begin and the process of trying to get the vomit smell out of couch cushions)
Dec. 28th – Recovery Day? (Josie wakes up crying at 4am and has thrown up all over her bed, but is more concerned about throwing up on her ladybug pillow pet. More laundry ensues and more work on couch cushions as well)
Dec. 29th – Normal day (Dare I say it? After much research, I think I have gotten that nasty smell out of the couch cushions and I just got up the energy to actually start finding places for all the Christmas loot…but all is not well as Coleman wakes up with a cold
Hope your Christmas was less eventful, sickness wise. And may the new year bring along lots of good health and less body fluids! Here are some photos of the happier times.
christmas play 2010 048
Coleman, a shepherd
christmas play 2010 055
Charlie, a wiseman
Christmas 2010 009
Christmas Round One
Christmas 2010 026
I love this picture!
Christmas 2010 037
Chinese restaurant…the calm before the storm
Christmas 2010 038
Josie’s real excited about her Christmas dress!
Christmas 2010 043
Christmas Round Two
Christmas 2010 071
Intense game of Pictureka
Christmas 2010 079
Judah and Charlie are ready for Christmas Round Three
Christmas 2010 101
Christmas naps

Heavy Hearted

These last few days have been hectic and I have found myself slightly irritated. Irritated at crazy people driving like maniacs in parking lots, irritated at my squabbling children, irritated that I have so much to do…silly little things. Things that aren’t really of utmost importance in the grand scheme of things. My thoughts continually drift to those who are hurting this season, those with cancer, in the hospital, struggling financially, wondering how they will provide for their children. And in thinking of these dear ones I must stop, pray, be thankful and pray some more. I have more blessings than one can count and I suppose I should be thankful for these mild irritations. And so thankful I am. And I won’t stop praying for Christina, Marjean, the Youngblood family, Daisy, Nina, Mary Rose, and all the others whose irritations are much greater than mine. Merry Christmas.


The excitement of decorating the tree came with a fury this year. Maybe it was because we waited a little longer than normal. Then again, maybe it was just because we have four children who want to touch/toss/break every ornament they can get their hands on. They couldn’t quite contain themselves. Oh how I tried to get them to keep their grubby little mitts off just long enough for Andy and Whitney to get the lights on the tree…unsuccessful. They started tearing into those things like it was Christmas morning. And so the breaking began. It just became comical after awhile. I had to just enjoy the fact that they all love this part of Christmas. I love it too and I also appreciate super glue. iphone christmas 2010 039
Josie and Aunt Whit
christmas play 2010 009
Judah and his cowboy collection iphone christmas 2010 048 iphone christmas 2010 044 christmas play 2010 030 christmas play 2010 024
The damage (since this photo, we have added 4 more bringing our total to 10!)

Judah is 5!

In some ways it’s hard to believe he’s five already, but in other ways not so much. He’s packed in a lot of livin’ in those five short years. He’s a cowboy, a ninja, batman, Spiderman, buzz lightyear and currently Zorro. Yes, it’s all about Zorro right now. The party was great fun. Judah is so happy which makes everyone happy. Judah makes anyone and everyone smile. Someone once asked me if I let him wear his costumes everywhere we go. Of course! He has no qualms about strutting down the mall in full Zorro costume, mask included, with the intensity of heading off to a duel with his archenemy, Don Rafael Montero. I love the looks on people’s faces. Be it a bratty-too-cool-teenager or a grumpy old man, they will smile as they pass my little Zorro. They have to. No one can help it. I love this about Judah. So, for your reading entertainment, I leave you with some quotes from the ever witty Judah Eliseo.   Jen – No, you can’t do that Judah. Judah – Can you just say, “I guess you can do that.” Jen to Judah – Judah, you need to get in your car seat and buckle in! Why are you always the last one to get buckled when you are the first one in the car? Judah – (big sigh) I’m trying to handle it! You look so awesome Mama, with your headband, earrings and sunglasses. Your coat is not awesome, but your boots are awesome. As soon as we get home I really need to put on some deodorant because my pits are very stinky! Judah – Cowboys don’t have moms. Jen – Of course they do. Everybody has a mom. Judah – No they don’t. I never see them in the movies. Jen – Judah, you need to put your clothes away before you watch a movie. I forgot to tell you that earlier. Judah – You did? I wish that you forgot to tell me that and then never remembered at all to tell me. Apparently, I don’t like Thomas the train anymore. Jen –You need to bring in your toys from outside. Judah – That’s asking too much of a man! (While camping and it’s starting to get dark) I’m a little scared. I have a gun, but it’s not real. Guess what? You can’t open up the toy gun and take it out of the package in the store cuz it’s illegal. I read that in a book. It was an American book. I guess it’s time for me to dress up like a cowboy. I’m guessing you’re making me carry all this stuff without any help. (His comment as he is gathering up all of his accessories from the car) Judah to Jen – So…we need to talk about something. You said you would dress like a cowgirl and you aren’t doing it. (After Charlie asked him to turn off the VCR) I have no idea what that even is. Jen – Judah, I can’t believe you’re turning 5 tomorrow! Judah – Don’t worry, I’m still going to wear all my costumes. By the way, thanks for my birthday cake. (Morning after his birthday) Judah's 5th birthday 021
The Z is for Zorro, of course Judah's 5th birthday 034
New boots, hat and sword Judah's 5th birthday 041
…and you can’t see his eyes in the rest of the pictures because this is how Zorro wears his hat

Giving of thanks

I am thankful for:
Family (near and far), friends, snow, our fireplace, getting to be home with our kids, good food, my church, Jesus, Judah’s costumes, coffee, the health of all of our family, a great school for the kids, a reliable car, my house, all the laughter brought on by my family, a great Thanksgiving feast, 22 kids all piled in our family room drinking hot cider and cocoa and watching a Christmas movie, while 14 adults discuss important things like food and technology.
Snow and Thanksgiving 2010 042
Thanksgiving morning

Snow and Thanksgiving 2010 061
All the kids after their first Turkey bowl
Snow and Thanksgiving 2010 065
Post Turkey bowl
Snow and Thanksgiving 2010 074
Before the feast!
Snow and Thanksgiving 2010 094
A very intense game…sibling rivalry

Josie’s latest quotes

“I’m freaking out!”
“I’m freaking out again!”
“This is disgusting”
“I’m not worried about it”
”Get away from me”
”What the heck in the world?”
”I am a princess”
“I like Jesus and Christmas!” If I compare the things the other kids were saying at age 2 to what she is saying it could seem slightly disturbing. I guess this is how it works with kid #4. iphone pics 091

Weather you’re right…weather you’re wrong…

So it’s been awhile. I think I’d like to blame it on the snow…arctic blast, el nina, snowmaggedon…whatever. Yes, we had snow. I love it. But what I don’t love is the havoc that it reeks on everyone in the greater Seattle area. I’d like to say I’m above it all and out driving around all over the place. The thing is, I think I would…if I actually could. In the five minutes it took me to drive 3 blocks to take the boys to school it probably snowed all of 1/4 inch. I could barely make it back up the hill. Ridiculous, but true. I love our mini-van, but it does not love the snow.

And so our Thanksgiving break began early. The boys literally played for hours in the snow. Poor little guys were freezing in their makeshift snow gear. It seems so silly to spend money on snow pants, gloves, hats and all accessories. But don’t worry, I ran out to get it all just as the snow fort was beginning to melt. I did make it in time for our Thanksgiving snow which was glorious. Here is what the kids have been up to…
iphone pics 049
Judah played soccer in October & November
iphone pics 130
Lucy came for a short visit
Snow and Thanksgiving 2010 019
iphone pics 148
iphone pics 149
This is what a trip to Target looks like for us…can you find all four children?
iphone pics 167
Many holiday drinks at Starbucks

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