Halloween has come and gone once again. Things were hectic as always. We didn’t actually get our pumpkins until the night of Halloween so we ended up carving the pumpkin the next day. Who says jack-o-lanterns have to be displayed before Halloween? The boys insisted this was perfectly okay. Big things are happening here. Coleman got glasses and Judah is potty-training. Both of which have caused some tears, but the boys are managing. I have been reminded how much I thoroughly dislike potty-training, but I suppose I have no choice in the matter. I mean really, what’s so bad about running all over a grocery store trying to make your way through all the boxes in the back room only to have your son pee all over the floor anyway? And who wouldn’t enjoy the humor in your son dropping a good size turd in the middle of a bookstore? Or another son (who will remain nameless) telling me I really shouldn’t lose my patience just because he poops his pants everyday. I hear girls are supposed to be easier to potty-train. I am choosing to believe this even if it is an outright lie.
The kids had a blast at the Harvest Party. Judah enjoyed his candy so much that he ate such large amounts which ended in throwing up all night long. What did he say first thing the next morning?…Can I have some candy?
Josie turns four months old tomorrow. I can’t believe it! She is holding little toys and playing with them and I have even squeezed a little laugh out of her. In the words of Nacho Libre “She’s the best…she’s fantastic!”
I apoloize for the graphic nature of this entry. This is the life with children…
Josie and me at the Harvest Party at church.

All cheered out.

This is attempt number one at getting a good picture of all four kids in their costumes. I was not successful.

2nd attempt. Charlie Bucket, Buzz Lightyear, a cheerleader and a snake (or lizard?)

Judah can’t wait!

Daddy and his little girl

Judah asks me on a daily basis to take his picture with Josie.

Coleman catches us getting a picture of him in his glasses. He was thrilled when he realized his glasses help him to see the xbox games better.

The little cheerleader
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