Resumes and interviews

I’ve entered a world I haven’t lived in since 1998. The world of resumes and interviews and all that other work stuff. I’ve worked outside of the house on and off in the last sixteen years, but I hadn’t recently experienced the challenge of trying to make myself look amazing on paper to any potential employer, not until January, anyway.

With starting the new church Andy and I both knew he or I or the both of us would need to find some work. Andy’s been doing some odd jobs here and there, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to look into some part time work myself. Let me tell you, things have changed in the last 16 years. Online applications, texting regarding interviews, group interviews, email. Gone are the days of walking into an establishment, asking to see the manager, looking them in the eye with a firm handshake and telling them why you want to work for them. If you don’t look good online, you can forget the opportunity for a handshake.

I had to call my younger brother and ask him to help me dust off my old resume and make me look good. He came through for me. Two resumes, one interview, and two re-scheduled interviews later and I’m not working. But I’m back in the game.

We’re still here

Writing when it’s been six weeks since my last post is tricky. Do I tell you all the things our entire family has been up to? That would take too long. Do I go for a quick recap? Can I even remember all that’s been going on over these past several weeks? Probably not. I will say this though, Coleman is registered for middle school and Charlie is registered for high school for fall of 2014. What the heck.

I guess I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how I went from my two little boys jumping back and forth from toddler bed and crib to choosing classes and figuring out college requirements. That’s what registering for high school includes now. There is actually a box to check asking about after high school plans. I’m thinking most 13 year old boys’ plans include video games, eating, and sleeping in, but I didn’t see a box for that.

So many things to think about and decisions to make regarding school and all the other activities. I find myself longing for the days when our biggest decisions were Finding Nemo or A Bug’s Life. Then again, I don’t long for the days of not sleeping through the night and poopy pants, so I guess it’s a trade off.

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