Back in July of last year I proudly wrote about how pleasantly surprised I was that Josie potty-trained in a mere couple of days. I believe I even uttered the word bliss at some point. Well, in the spirit of being honest, I must say that my dear little one has had a bit of a setback. I guess she just woke up one day about a month ago and decided, “it might be fun to just mess with mama a little and start peeing my pants again. And for good measure, I might even go “turtles” in my undies too.” Turtles is code for…I think you probably can guess. So needless to say, I very reluctantly purchased another pack of pull-ups for naps and at night. Who has a setback 6 months in? Josie does, that’s who. She is more than capable, but just isn’t in the mood to make it to the toilet every time? Well, it was fun while it lasted. Maybe she sensed my bit of sadness that I know longer have anymore babies around. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. Charlie-band concert and Evangeline 002

The things we do for love

I love Andy. I love him for many different reasons, one being he has no qualms about completely dismembering my sewing machine at 11:30 at night to figure out exactly why my bobbin isn’t winding. This is love. I doubted for a moment as I looked at my carcass of a machine thinking, surely he doesn’t know a thing about sewing machines. Silly me. He had that problem figured out and fixed in no time flat. And I think I might have fallen in love with him all over again as I watched his piercing eyes inspect that machine while his headlight lit it up and he remarked, “Wow! This machine is extraordinarily modular!”

Random and New years iphone 2011 010
Prince Charming in a headlight

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