So. Here it is. This is embarrassing. I told myself I would never let this much time go by in between posting, and yet, here I am with an apology. Some of you have probably even given up by now. So I won’t even try to update you on all the happenings in our family. All is well. Josie is 9 months now and constantly moving her little arms about. Judah is very imaginative and always a different character everyday. Coleman is taking art classes and loving it. Charlie started piano and enjoys it. Andy got glasses and is amazed at how the world looks. And I spend my time just sitting around. So there is an update and I will try my darnedest to never let this happen again…at least for a little while.
Judah dressed as Jim from the Man from Snowy River
A trip to the Tulip Festival…no tulips in this pic, but a really big tire which for boys doesn’t get much better than that.
Josie in Colorado. Posing next to her great uncle’s name at the art museum.

Judah and Heather (our roomate). This is Judah’s favorite place to be these days. He lovingly calls her Header.

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