Happy Birthday Coleman! Coleman turned 8 yesterday. Ah…it feels like only yesterday that Andy was driving 90 mph trying to get me to the hospital while I shouted out profanities. Such a peaceful moment for Coleman to enter into this world…5 minutes after arriving at the hospital. Coleman is amazing. 1. He can touch his tongue to his nose. 2. He has an incredible sense of humor. 3. He is a gifted artist. 4. He always looks out for his little sister. 5. He can consume more candy than anyone I know and not get sick. 6. He loves Tom & Jerry. 7. He baptized himself. 8. He has incredibly neat handwriting. 9. He loves being with his family. 10. He knows what he wants and he sticks to it no matter what others think. I love Coleman Joseph. Colman's 8th Birthday 022 Colman's 8th Birthday 021 Stacking cups for a ‘minute-to-win-it’ game Colman's 8th Birthday 052 Painting with watercolors from his new art set Colman's 8th Birthday 004 AWESOME!

Parting with poppies As I write, our baby girl is screaming her head off. She is in bed and she is not happy. Why is she so distraught? She has had to say goodbye to the love of her life…her poppies. Translation…her pacifier. Poppies does not refer to more than one pacifier. Just one is called her poppies. This is a road we have traveled on before. The pain of saying goodbye to something one holds so dear. I remember picking her up from the nursery at church one day and they asked me if we got a new puppy. I thought that was strange and said “no, why do you ask?”
“ Well, Josie has been talking all morning about puppies.”
“Oh…poppies…that is her pacifier.” I replied as they all looked at me a little strange. Charlie had his until age 3. Coleman and Judah, age 2. But since Josie began affectionately chewing the tip off of hers, we decided it best to cut her off a little sooner. The funny thing is she threw it away happily saying, “By-by poppies! All gone! Big girl!” But somewhere between the excitement of celebrating being a big girl and actually having to fall asleep without sucking/chewing away on her beloved, the horror set in of drifting off to sleep all alone…no poppies to hold her tight. She is working through all the proper stages of grieving the loss of her poppies. Denial – “No…(fussing)…no…(fussing)” Anger – “(screaming)…MAMA!….(screaming)…MAMA!….NO!” Bargaining – “Mama…I poo…Mama…I poo…” (this was clearly a ploy to get me into the room so she could stare me down with her big brown eyes and reach out her hands for a hug. Of course after checking her diaper and finding no evidence of waste) Depression – “Mama…tissue…Mama…tissue!” Acceptance – (quiet) She is asleep, finally….for now. You’d think by the fourth time the discomfort of listening to your baby plead for you to save them from their misery would get easier. But no. I hate hearing my kids cry. Always. But as a wise man once said (either my dad or my grandpa)…”They don’t cry blood.” New Years and such 003

Some of my favorites… I don’t really have any clever or insightful things to share and that is a little unsettling to me. I just can’t seem to muster up anything at this point in time. However, children are an endless source of all things clever, insightful and hilarious. So here are some of my favs. And some random recent pictures.   You know God, but me and Coleman like Jesus. (Charlie age 3)   I wonder what time I’m going to grow up. (Charlie age 3)   I have two things to tell you. First, Coleman wants a cookie when we get home and my pee really wants to come out. (Charlie age 4)   I don’t know about that and I don’t think about that, so… (Charlie age 5)   Coleman’s dictionary: Gakupies: who knows what this means Sweet Creature: a baby name Grass pecker: some unknown animal that was pulling up our newly laid grass flibesoned: a sock that is hanging off of a foot   Jen to Coleman – Coleman, you can’t just lay on the couch all day and expect people to serve you. Coleman – Why not? Jesus had servants. (Coleman age 5)   See Mama, I have two sides to my stomach. One side is for dinner and that side is full, but the other side is for dessert and that side still has room in it! (Coleman age 5)   Have you seen my debit card? I found my wallet, but I can’t find my debit card! (Judah age 3)   Would you like a double short with whipped cream on it? (Judah age 3)   I know what I am going to be for Halloween this year. A Mexican worm! I’m just going to get a worm costume, wear a sombrero, a really colorful necklace, and some cowboy boots. (Coleman age 7)   You need to chew up all your food, Judah. That’s how we roll. (Coleman age 7)   …and that’s not even the half of it… (Charlie age 9)   Easter 050 Blankies…   April 093 These are my favorite faces April 112 Eating at the Space Needle for Jo’s birthday April 123 Coleman loses a tooth while at dinner April 154 Judah and Josie with Papa and Granny

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