The Tears of Jesus

A stern-visaged minister was preaching a sermon on “The Tears of Jesus”. Who exclaimed, “Three times we read that Jesus wept, but we never read that He smiled.” A little girl below the pulpit cried out, forgetful of where she was, “Oh, but I know that He did!” Shocked at the interruption, the minister asked, “Why do say that, my child?” Now thoroughly frightened as she realized all eyes were upon her, she replied, “Because the Bible says He called a little child and he came to Him. And if Jesus had looked like you, I know the child would have been afraid to come.”

All things fall…

Pumpkins…hot cider…rain…sweaters…costumes…caramel…chili…fireplace…rain boots…falling leaves…I love it all!
And what became of all the thrift store costume shopping fiascos? Check out these rag-a-muffins! Halloween 2010 035
Peter Pan, Black Ninja, Mad Scientist, Ladybug Halloween 2010 010
Some serious pumpkin carving Halloween 2010 019 Halloween 2010 021 Halloween 2010 029 Halloween 2010 025
Jason and Coleman’s pirate ship was pretty impressive

Daddy’s Bed

I spent all night attempting sleep on the couch in between comforting Judah with an ear ache. When Josie woke up and saw my pillow and the bedding on the couch she asks, “Why are you sleeping in Daddy’s bed?” What? She must be referring to the many naps Daddy has taken on that couch…Let’s just leave it at that.

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