I was sick a few days ago which is an occurrence that doesn’t happen often. Usually I can shake it off. I mean, as a mom, I have to. But what started out as just not feeling so well turned into fever, chills, aches, misery. These symptoms lasted all of about 20 hours, thankfully. However, my precious children tolerated it for all of 3 hours. At 7:00pm they all rushed to grab blankets and pillows and be at my beck and call. Hugs and kisses and much sympathy ensued.  Andy was a dear and got them all up the next morning and off to school so I could sleep. But as soon as I awoke, the “so are you better Mama?” began. Josie needed to go potty. I told her to ask daddy to take her since I was sick. “No! You aren’t sick! I want you to take me! You aren’t sick Mama!” And by about 3:00pm I was back up, pushing through, folding laundry and making dinner. I was talking to a friend once who was recalling the days when she had two toddlers at home, had just been abandoned by her husband, and was going through chemotherapy for cancer. I listened in shock and awe asking her how in the world did she do it? “Put on a movie, spread out toys all over the floor, and just laid there with them in between running to the bathroom to throw up. You just do what you have to do to survive.” I am in no way comparing my 20 hours of sickness to battling cancer, but her words have stayed with me. Because that’s what all moms do. We do what we have to do to survive.

A path of destruction

The Gestroyer was his name, not destroyer, but, according to then 3 year old Charlie the Gestroyer. To the rest of the world his name was Coleman. Charlie would work so hard at building a tower of blocks. “Look what I built…” CRASH!! Knocked down by the Gestroyer. “Check out my Lego tower…” CRASH!! Another one taken out by the Gestroyer. Well, little sweet-faced Josephine Marie has happily taken over this role. Just like her big brother, she’ll charm you with those big brown eyes and a sly smile and before you know it, CRASH!! Gestroyer 2 hits again.   photo
Hit #1 – Sugar. Everywhere. Sticky. Everywhere legos
Hit #2 – Charlie’s room. Legos were once in forms of little ships and cars. CRASH!! That was before Gestroyer 2 took them all down in one fell swoop. The Gestroyer 2 has had a pretty packed morning.

The dreaded chore

“You guys need to put your clothes away.” Who knew these words could be so devastating. And so begins the complaining, the falling to the floor, all the whys, etc…etc… It doesn’t really seem like I’m asking all that much. After all, I did separate all those stinky clothes, spend all day washing and folding them neatly and all I ask is that you put them back in their proper place…

Random and New years iphone 2011 001
…and by “proper place” I mean INSIDE your drawers.

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