Not giving up

I’m not doing it, not throwing in the towel. Most of you have probably given up on me and I completely understand. But I realized that I just need to keep writing; doesn’t need to be some big family update with a profile on each kid and what they’ve been up to. That’s too much pressure. I just need a place to write my thoughts and this blog seems like a good place to do it. Seems pretty safe since most people have stopped checking to see if I’ve updated this thing, minus my dear father-in-law. After many years of writing, whether it was a song or a journal or a blog or essay, I’ve realized it’s something I miss when I don’t do it and I hate feeling the pressure of writing something important, or funny, or entertaining. So I’m back to write whatever random thoughts are on my mind and you may be sorry that I’m back.

I feel like it would take too long to bring everybody up to speed, and isn’t that what instagram is for anyway? I mean, sure, Charlie is off making a major motion picture (might be a small exaggeration taken from Three Amigos) but he’s helping make a movie anyway. And Coleman is applying to college and about to graduate and I can’t believe we’re back in this place again. And yes, Judah is still doing gymnastics and has gotten over a little slump, getting some medals and doing amazing. And Josie is finishing off her last year of elementary school and I have all the emotions that go along with that. And that’s pretty much a very rough overall update of these children that are turning into adults before our very eyes.

So here I am, along with Andy, getting older, working, watching our kids grow, doing our best to help others and be available for whatever comes our way. Oh, and Andy is currently at his civics class that he’s taking at Shoreline City Hall where he was elected “mayor” for his class. More on that later. I find I’m constantly observing and I have plenty of opinions about life. I do ride the bus to work, after all. Andy pointed this out to me the other day when I said, “I have a lot of opinions today,” and he replied with “Today? Or everyday?” Yeah, so maybe I do have a lot of opinions everyday. Aren’t you excited that I’m committing myself to sharing what’s on my mind more often?

I don’t know, maybe the title of this blog should be changed to something like “Pearls of wisdom by Jen” or “Ridiculous thoughts from Jen” or “Shootin’ for love” (another Three Amigos reference). Either way, whatever it’s called, I can guarantee that it will be a bunch of jumbled thoughts, some family updates, and maybe a funny story or two, if we’re lucky. Thanks for reading (Dad and Charles) and for putting up with me.

By Jen

Jen Hirschman starting writing on this blog that her husband, Andy, started to post pictures of their remodel on their house. That turned into Jen taking the blog over, only to post silly family stories and photos, update family and friends on some happenings, and then abandon it from time to time. Enjoy!