January, in a nutshell

January is kind of a downer month. We’re coming down off the
Christmas high, taking down the pretty decorations and tossing out the tree
that’s been dead since around two weeks before Christmas. It’s pretty rough, if
you ask me. Like coming home from a really great vacation and forcing yourself
to face the realities of unpacking, laundry, and settling all the money you
spent while away. January. It’s just the worst.
We are settling into our new reality of a different church
and no jobs. It’s exciting and terrifying. Have you ever noticed how easy it is
to tell someone who is fretting about the uncertainties of life that God is in
control and He always provides? It’s pretty darn easy to say it to someone
else. It’s also not that difficult to hear someone say it to you, but to
believe it, I mean really believe it, that’s a whole other story.
That’s where we’re at. Praying, searching, waiting, living,
and trying with all our might to rest, in Him.

I remember when I was trying to teach the kids to float on their
backs. “Just lay your head back on my shoulder and relax. Don’t fight me. I’ve
got you. I’m not going to let you sink.” Each of them would try, but as I would
loosen my grip just slightly, they would panic and try to get up. That’s me
these days. I like to have plans and see everything laid out before me to feel
truly safe. Clearly, God has other plans. So I’m practicing laying my head back
and relaxing, trusting Him.

Happy New Year

It’s the new year. A chance to try harder, set goals, be better, start with a clean slate. Here are some new year’s resolutions that I would think about making if I were the resolution-type. Work out more, read my bible more, wake up at the same time every day, be more patient, write on the blog more, remember which days of the week my kids have library, music, PE, etc… Who are we kidding? I’m not making any of the sort. Why bother? I should be doing all these things year round and some days I do, but most days I don’t. Whatever. I gave up Diet Coke for all of 2013 so I feel that excuses me from all resolutions always. Forever. Done.

We started out 2014 with a huge change, which I mentioned here. Today we had our first Calvary Wedgwood church service. We spent many months planning and praying for the where, what’s and how’s of this first service and it went wonderfully. We had many people who came to show their support and we filled our little meeting room. It was exciting to watch many come together and share their gifts and talents. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for all of us this year.

I must go now so I can set my alarm to wake up early so I can read my bible, then work out, then patiently get the kids ready for school while reminding them to grab their library books, and then write on the blog. Scratch that. I’m just going to drink a Diet Coke.

We’re back!

Ready for travel

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