This year was big for me since it was my first time hosting Thanksgiving at our house and cooking a turkey by myself. It seems surprising, oldest child, house made for hosting…but we usually head out to our parents. This year was different. Our families were a little more spread out so we did it all here. It was so much fun! We ended up having 8 adults and a mere 14 children. Total chaos. Total fun. Turkey was a success. We were all thankful and happy. iphone december 2011 132   iphone december 2011 137
Before                                                       After

Mila Marie Strayer

I must not leave out the newest addition to our family via my sister. Little Mila was born on October 23, 2011 and the little stinker didn’t even wait for me to get there. I think my sister called at around 3:15am telling me they were headed to the hospital. Trouble is my mom and I had to drive all the way from Shoreline to Tacoma…45 minutes with no traffic. We were about halfway there when we got a call that miss Mila had arrived just 20 minutes after they got to the hospital! It brought to mind memories of my experience with Coleman. (Different story for a different day.) I was less than proud when the first thing my sister said to me when I arrived was, “It was just like what happened to you when Coleman was born, except I didn’t say the F word!” I guess I should have been proud of her? Mila is beautiful and I love her. iphone October 2011 306


Halloween is really just an introduction to two solid months of a candy free-for-all. The loot from Halloween carries the kids through to Thanksgiving which is a nice segue into the Christmas season. After about December 15th it’s all down hill, sugar wise.   Several years ago, the kids wanted fancy costumes, translation-expensive. I spent much of my month of October trying to convince them why it is so much better to make a homemade costume. I guess my convincing finally worked, but sort of came back to bite me in the end. I forgot that in the process of them creating amazing ideas for costume, I would be the one running from thrift store to thrift store collecting size 10 teal pants and purple pants that can be hiked up to one’s chest. It all worked out somehow and I might have ended up spending more money than I would have at Target. Oh well, they got creative…enough said. (Josie did not create her own costume. The Disney Store did…compliments of Grandma) iphone december 2011 017 Tinker Bell, Lone Ranger, Ferb, Perry the Platypus

No more apologies

Every time it’s been awhile since I’ve written I feel the need to start with a big apology, as if all of the 5 followers of this blog are really broken up over my lack of updating. So I won’t do it anymore…it’s getting old. My plan is to update the last three months in a big chunk. So there you go.

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