Keepin’ it real

I couldn’t help myself. I went and read a bunch of blogs written by a bunch of people who are beautiful, eat out all the time, take amazing photographs, and have endless amounts of patience with their kids, with life, with the whole dang world. I know they have more patience than I do because they do messy crafts with their kids and they allow play-dough to actually cross the threshold of their homes. I’m pretty sure they have perfect lives. I should know better, I really should.

I love looking at photos and reading about people’s lives, but sometimes I can’t leave it alone and be content with my life. I let Crazy sneak in and mess with me. She tells me that those blog people are beautiful like that all the time. She reminds me of all the books I’m not reading, the crafts I’m not crafting, the scriptures I’m not memorizing, the furniture I’m not refinishing. On and on and on.

So then, after I feel sorry for my awful self for anywhere from 5 minutes to a few days, I tell Crazy to take a hike and I make my mental list of things to be thankful for. There are many. I begin to slowly thank God for each and every one. I ask forgiveness for being an ungrateful little brat.

I don’t blame the beautiful blogging people. They are writing about what they love. They are taking photos of the people and things they love. I understand it. I’m sure they mean no harm. They are not blogging/photographing all the other crap that happens in between, cuz who wants to look at that mess? Anyone? Well, if so, you’re in luck.

A few of the “in between” photos. Here’s to keepin’ it real!

This is how to not fill a pastry bag with chocolate meringue
…because errands must be done sometimes.
Third time’s a charm

A real selfie. Bad angle, bad hair, bad light. Nothin’ cute here.