Has it really been a month already since I last wrote? Hard to believe. Lots has been going on. Thanksgiving, The Nutcracker, Judah turned three, snow, cancelled school, report cards, more snow, a Christmas play, cousins’ visit, more snow. So much happening. Lucy and Mae (and of course their parents) came to visit and the boys were in heaven. 7 glorious days of waking at 6:00am, going through a box of cereal a day, concerts, lots of noise, playing outside in the fort, and lots of laughter. We loved every minute of it (minus a vomitting episode in the middle of 7-11). We were so thankful to get to spend time with them since they will be having a “Tender Tennessee Christmas.” We were very thankful to Papa and Granny who took us all to the Nutcracker, (Lucy and Mae included). It was magical and the kids will always treasure that memory.
At the same time, Uncle Edmund and Aunt Sarah were here along with Great Aunt Tuggie and Joyce as well. We enjoyed spending time with all of them for Thanksgiving and celebrating Papa’s birthday, Judah’s birthday and Josie’s dedication all in one weekend. We really packed it all in!
The kids got to start their Christmas break 3 days early because of all the snow we have had. I gotta say, after the chaos of baking Christmas cookies, playing in the snow, cleaning up after playing in the snow, and lots of movies and xbox it is hard to believe the break has just begun. I am finally understanding why my mom used to say I can’t wait for school to start again. I used to think that was really mean, but now I realize only the sweetest most loving moms feel this way…
We pray that everyone has a happy and safe Christmas. Much love to all, especially our families that are far away. We love you.
Judah wearing his craft from church. It says I will be honest. I can’t say this was the case when I asked if he ate a cookie after I told him not to. “No,” says the child with frosting around his mouth.

Josie, wearing her great grandmother’s gown for her dedication. The gown is 100 years old.

“The Scellies” The band, backstage after the concert.

Charlie, trying out a new hairstyle.

Judah, decorating his number three pancake on his birthday.

Daddy and his baby girl taking a little rest.

Coleman can’t wait to dig into the pumpkin, chocolate, cheesecake pie!

A beautiful shot of Sarah with her niece.

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