Pumpkin Time

Well, I did it. I went to a Pumpkin Patch for the first time, and I have the pictures to prove it. We made a decent attempt last year, but after a wet, disastrous chain of events, we gave up and went to our “special pumpkin patch” as I wrote about. But this year was perfect.

Andy was teaching at a church in Arlington and it was a gorgeous, sunny day. We drove by two pumpkin farms on the way to church and knew it was right to hit up at least one on our way home. We’d be dummies not to.

We paid to go through the corn maze, which kind of goes against my cheap skate ways, but it did include $2 toward a pumpkin. The corn maze was a blast. When the time came to pick out pumpkins, I told the kids to pick whichever one they wanted. The catch was they either had to pick individual $2 pumpkins, or they could pool all their “pumpkin tickets” together and get one big one.

It sounds kind of mean, but those pumpkins were extremely over-priced (in my expert pumpkin-pricing opinion). Don’t think I didn’t have plans to go to whichever grocery store was having a sale on pumpkins and pick out some big, juicy ones to carve.

So we left with four very cute little pumpkins and some great family memories.