Reflection in sunlight Today was a day in Seattle that had everyone freaking out over the sunny and surprisingly warm weather, myself included. I am embarrassed at how many times I found myself saying, “I just can’t believe how warm it is today!” I feel like this is an old person thing to say. I probably followed up my previous observation with a “you’d still better slip on a sweater, lest you catch a chill!” We spent most of the day outside and it was at the playground that something occurred to me. As I watched our three boys (Josie was taking a nap) wildly climbing all over the equipment, all fighting for my attention, I wanted to freeze that moment and remember it always. They all still adore me! They actually want me to play with them and they can’t wait to show me all the cool things they can do, like simply jumping off a platform or going down a slide. They even think I’m funny! It just got me thinking about how great this stage of life is. Too many times I am too tired or frustrated or preoccupied with all the stuff I have to do that I don’t really just appreciate right now. I realize that before long they will think I am just weird…or old…or they will be trying to impress some cute girl with their cool jumping tricks (GASP!) So I love these days. It is crazy and loud and chaotic. I do love it that Judah talks my ear off when I am trying to focus on a simple task. I love it when Coleman holds my hand if only for a brief moment. I love it when Josie says “awesome”. I love it when Charlie tells me about the newest book he’s reading even if it lasts for 20 minutes. What I don’t love is ending the evening by finding a sippy cup with milk in it that has been hidden under the couch for who knows how many days…weeks…this is a little treasure I think I can do without. New Years and such 038 One of Josie’s quiet moments New Years and such 025 New Years and such 037 This is how the Lone Ranger plays baseball