Twelve years

This is anniversary number twelve for us. Though it has gone by fast, it is getting harder and harder to imagine day to day life without each other (and our four little offspring). We had a great night out by ourselves, just gazing into each other’s eyes…ah, romance. And looking across the table I realized how glad I am that I still like this person. That may sound weird because I more than like him, I love him. But liking is a good thing too. I enjoy being with him. He makes me laugh. He is understanding even when he doesn’t understand me. He is many things. Too many to list. I once heard a man who had been married for 35 years say that the honeymoon never ended. First, I thought, he’s lying. And second, who really wants a 50 year long honeymoon? I think back to that first year and remember some really great times, but there were some really rough times. Times where I thought to myself, “I don’t want to share. I don’t want to sacrifice. I don’t feel like being nice to this person.” These things that came so natural on our honeymoon suddenly went against every ounce of my being. But after remodels, miscarriages, four births, sickness and health and all that’s in between. We’re still here, still together, still driving each other crazy, still making each other laugh and still loving each other all the more. wedding pic 001

Pirates, scones and the $2.50 Diet Coke

Bet you can’t guess where all of these things took place. The fair, of course. Another year of extremely unhealthy and expensive food, walking around people watching, and to quote Judah, “not doing as much fun stuff, but spending all of our time hurrying to get to the next place”. This was before he got to ride the rides. Highlights for me this year: Arriving on $2 madness day. Certain foods were $2.
Diving pirates
The look on Judah’s face when he got a new cowboy hat

Not as great: Paying $2.50 for a can of diet coke. Yep, I paid more for a can of diet coke than for my plate of stir-fry for dinner. Disgusting. Puyallup Fair 2010 011 
Jason and Judah (before the new hat) Puyallup Fair 2010 019 Puyallup Fair 2010 021 Puyallup Fair 2010 013 
Jack’s first fair experience Puyallup Fair 2010 029 
Kids and Pirates Puyallup Fair 2010 037 Puyallup Fair 2010 047
Buddies! Puyallup Fair 2010 062 
And there it is

Life and Death

The other day was a day that brought great joy and also brought great sadness. It was a day at home for me just doing the mundane tasks of cleaning my house and doing laundry. But for three friends of mine it was very out of the ordinary. For one, the day brought a new life, a baby boy, child number five. For another, the day brought recovery from a procedure after losing a baby within. And for another, the day brought the beginning of a long miscarriage with many medical complications. I realized as this ordinary, nothing special day began that I had a great privilege. The privilege of praying for these three women. Some of them I know better than others, but I knew that I was called to something more than just folding laundry this day. And I could think of nothing more than labor, birth, loss, and joy. As I prayed and thought and prayed some more, it caused me to reflect on my own experiences and how God has used them all to shape who I am today. And looking back on it all, I’m not sure I would change any of it. Life is so very joyful and so very sad and everything in between. God is good in it all. I am very thankful. And I am so grateful that I was given a boring laundry day to devote to prayer for these dear three.

Judah’s World

These are how things work in his world: He is a cowboy He has a friend named Tricky (a girl) who he really likes playing with but she has been “texting” him all the time and he’s starting to get tired of it He has a lot of homework and always wants to know how many more minutes he has left of reading He already knows how to write all of his letters and numbers He goes to a school where kids pee their pants everyday Every shirt that buttons up in the front and has a collar is a cowboy shirt. Everyday should be Halloween He has so many things to do sometimes, he just “doesn’t think he can handle it” He has many girlfriends He dreams of monsters before he has actually gone to sleep
Sometimes I think this world sounds fun and exciting and other times I’m pretty relieved that it is only in his little mind. When we were getting out of the car yesterday and he was gathering up all of his “accessories”,  as we like to refer to them (cowboy hat, belt, holster, guns, bandana…etc.) he lets out a big sigh and says, “I’m guessing you’re making me carry all this stuff without any help” He’s a smart one, that kid. Back to school 003

Back to school

It’s that time again. The time when kids have to go to bed a little earlier, much to their dismay. The time when waking up is so hard to do. New clothes, school supplies, teachers, classes. And the time when things seem to go back to how they should be…routine. Charlie and Coleman both really like their new teachers and are excited about school (at least so far…we are only 4 days in). Judah is a little sad that he is not starting school this year, but I am a little joyful. One more year at home with my little cowboy. Here’s a look at the “first day of school” over the years… IMG_0616 
Our first child on his first day of kindergarten and this is the only picture I can find to record it?! (This was the year of the remodel and I was pregnant with our third) IMG_2676 
Charlie, ready for first grade IMG_4991 
First day of kindergarten for Coleman and 2nd grade for Charlie P1010096
Coleman in first grade, Charlie in 3rd fall 09 misc 002
They can hardly contain their excitement! Back to school 005 
I love these guys! Happy back-to-school to one and all!

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