The first born turns twelve!

Charlie’s birthday was on the 9th and he celebrated like everyone celebrates birthdays around here; a lot of food and a lot of family. Actually I believe his celebrating began when he went to the boys jr high sleepover the night before. This night consisted of all things jr high boys live for; junk food, air soft gun fights, movies and one can only assume, farting. Charlie is such a treasure to us all. He is a huge help to both Andy and me and all of his siblings. He loves kids, still enjoys school, and spends every bit of time possible at church. He went to 6th grade camp a few weeks ago and life just wasn’t the same with out him. We are all so thankful for him. Josie summed up her feelings for Charlie like this: ‘”I love Charlie cuz he appreciates. He’s just sweet and kind. And he loves me and I really love him. And he loves everyone in our whole family. I like doing stuff with Charlie.” I think we can all agree. IMG_2569